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VeraNova - Free Downloads and a New Release Soon

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VeraNova - Free Downloads and a New Release Soon

So hi all,
this is my first post so il just introduce myself.
my names Nick.
im a music producer going under the name VeraNova;
im always up for new projects and collaborations and
I like to produce really messed up sounding music over a wide range of styles.

i have just recently released my first single
“Beautiful Dying Star Part 1”
which you can listen to and grab for free of my myspace .
i have also recently worked on a track titled “Oasis in the Sand” with an Accoustic artist known as “Nik Lowe”
and will be releasing the track on April the 12th along with a bunch of remixes on his myspace.

If you like my music and want to chat i have a twitter and a facebook that you can add me on.

i also have pages for Veranova

Thanks alot for any support you can offer or have given.


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