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The Long Call

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The Long Call

I see you and you see me,
Focus on each other
And not the TV.

A loving shared and
A loving learned
As Time is gagged, it’s
Cries unheard.

I can just tell
That she’s cheating on me,
And I can just say
She most certainly deserves to,

Pick up that smell
Of reality,
Know she’s having fun times
Out without me.

I’ll get by with my slow-fold dreams
A quiet contentment at a
Fractured isolation,
I mightn’t get tired
Of the same old reams,
Captured stills of
Random conversation.

I can clearly see you’re losing interest,
Fascinated by other things,
Freedom chained down over your chest has
Got air massing under her wings.

I kick my lock and damn near break it,
Your chance is standing there, now take it
Be free from me
Escape and see
That a life is only what you make it.


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