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Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory. (Released 8th March 2010)

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Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory. (Released 8th March 2010)

No Guts. No Glory. No worries, no responsibilities. Airbourne are back.
The pack, led by alpha rocker Joel O Keefe have kicked the door off 2010 and flung themselves in, drinking, sweating and riffing their way to higher levels of international acclaim with their third instalment of “whiskey-fuelled” Rock N’ Roll. Opening with Born To Kill, strongly reminiscent of Blackjack from Runnin’ Wild, the album is a statement of both their rapid success and their working class roots portraying semantics of manual labour, heterosexual salaciousness and excessive drinking cultures. Not exactly original rock themes, but nonetheless delivered by Airbourne in a ruggedly charming manner which if you’re into any kind of 70’s rock, will claw a smile from your face.
The band have a simple apolitical message, as Joel says; “Let’s go to a rock n roll show, let’s get drunk, let’s have a good time, and let’s get laid afterwards. What d’you reckon?”
Complimented by a straightforward method, as jovially stated by Dave Rhoads;
“We just get up there and give it all we got y’know? If we don’t come off stage sweaty and almost dead, we’re not happy with the show”.
The album has a few scorchers, No Way But The Hard Way being a pre-release track with an extremely tongue-in-cheek video and It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over blasting straight into insanely catchy high-tempo rocking, creating a song that gets better every time you listen to it. If a smile doesn’t pass your lips while listening (even in exasperation) then you’ve got no soul. Airbourne have toured the UK over Easter and have been confirmed for Download Festival 2010, so keep a bleary hung-over eye out for them and carry some caffeine tablets, because watching Joel’s stage antics live is exhaustingly good.

Jack Burrows


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