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Ipswich Rocks!

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Ipswich Rocks!

It’s true, Ipswich does rock! And here’s the proof…

Headlining the Ipswich Rocks stage on Friday April 2 at The Ice Bar will be Ipswich alternative rock gods Man From Reno (not The Dead Delta’s as the poster has it).

Supporting them are five other awesome acts for you to go mental to: Cheeky blighters The Cads, anti-bling hip hop supergroup Millionaires by Morning, rock juggernauts Cure Caballo, understated alt rock five-piece Timothy Leat & The Running, and, from out of town, punk rock Dying Breeds from Norwich.

To add more fun to the mix, The Cads will also be filming a video for their new single This Place Is Havoc on the night, so get your face in front of the camera and create some havoc!


1 Truth | on 02 April 2010

I love bling tho…


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