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1 Trevormcdevor | on 05 April 2010

Wow a fingerstyle player in Ipswich! Erik Mongrain was at Norwich last year did you manage to see him? And Andy McKee was down in Winchester, unfortunately i couldn’t make it. This is brilliant, you’re playing at the Milestone soon aren’t you? Can you remind me the date? I love this style of playing, i’d love to learn. You have a really special talent, it’s a joy to see you play. Rock on!

2 Robert Castellani | on 05 April 2010

Hey, no I didn’t see him in Norwich but he’s in Colchetser in October.
I am playing at the milestone soon but have a bunch of solo concerts coming up, be cool if you could make them:!/event.php?eid=109876279041198&ref=mf


3 m.e.g. | on 06 April 2010

i like i like i like! ditto what my twin said

4 Howard | on 08 April 2010

mega, mega talented, very proud that you’re from ipswich.

5 M.Y Films | on 25 May 2010

liking ya style, really unique =)

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