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Scottish Leg
This is the first entry for our tour Blog that we’ll be writing for the Lungs tour. The first leg happened in Scotland and was our first gig as foreigners. We had a fantastic time on our adventure to Scotland and hopefully this blog will be able to do our journey justice.

We set off from Ipswich on Wednesday evening heading into the night full of excitement, first stop was Asda to stock up on beers for the journey north, and we decided 40 would be an adequate number to see us through. After a long and blurry drive and a quick massage in Cambridge we stopped in Leeds for the night at our friend Matt’s house. We finished off the first crate of beers and the sensible idea of an early night had soon vanished. After sleeping through the alarm we got back into our trusty van and headed to Dundee for our first of three shows in Scotland.

We were blown away by the beautiful scenery that the north of England and Scotland had to offer and happily continued on route to Dundee. After missing our check in by 3 hours we just about had enough time to grab a much needed shower and get to the venue. The first show in Dundee was at a small pub called The Bread. There was a decent sized crowd waiting for us and we played our set to an appreciative audience who all wanted to talk to us after we played. Feeling pleased with ourselves we headed back to our hotel and tried to order some fish and chips, we failed and instead went to McDonalds, we got swore at several times, and headed back for a decent nights sleep.

It was only an hour’s drive to Stirling for our next show so we decided we would go and check Stirling out and see what delights we could find. Stirling is famous for the battle of Stirling Bridge where William Wallace defeated an English army in the battle for Scotland’s independence, just think Braveheart. After a lovely stroll around Stirling we went back to the hotel to finish off some new material for the gig, we even did a barber shop version just to make sure. Friday’s gig in Stirling was at a venue called Cape. By the time we went on stage the place was heaving and we had the room dancing along which was lovely to see. The locals persuaded us that the only way to cap the night off would be to come clubbing with them at the towns favourite club the “FU Bar”. We danced into the early hours of the morning and none of us can remember a single song that was played. When we informed Ben it was time to leave he was less than impressed. We returned to the hotel where Ben tried his hand at being rock n roll, he toilet papered the corridor before the receptionist appeared looking un-amused.

We woke up on Saturday morning hung-over but feeling rather victorious after the brilliant night we had in Stirling. Our final journey in the Scotland adventure was to Glasgow. We arrived in Glasgow adamant to see the City but instead we decided to take shelter in a pub for the afternoon watching Football, Ipswich won 2-1 so everything was ok again. We returned to the venue which was called the Box, it’s quite a well renowned venue in Glasgow and was very busy. We weren’t sure how we would go down with the Glaswegian faithful but to our surprise it was another success and we made some new friends too.

After an extremely successful journey to Scotland we left feeling a sense of sadness that we had to leave, especially after a very enjoyable few days. We should be returning to Scotland very soon but for now we will be visiting the rest of the England on our Tour. Next stop London!


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