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Tour Diary- Eastern Leg

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Tour Diary- Eastern Leg

Tour Blog- Eastern Leg

Well after such a great time in Scotland the next leg of our tour couldn’t come soon enough for us. Spring is a dam fine time to be on the road and the sun decided to join us for this eastern leg which was a lovely touch. To keep us company we decided to bring our good friends Alex Bowden and Nathan Coward and show them the delights of our tour bus.

We set off on Wednesday afternoon to Hoxton for arguably the biggest date on our tour. We we’re supporting the fantastic Molotov’s and Sketches who both featured on the Fierce Panda “Zip It Up” E.P that was released earlier in the year, our song “These Seasons” featured on the same E.P. The venue we were playing at was the prestigious Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. It’s a beautiful venue and everything about that place is perfect from the sound and the lights to the people who go there, it’s a real pleasure for a band to play a venue like the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen.

We had the rather difficult slot of opening the night at 8.30, the gig was completely sold out but when we went on stage the venue was fairly bare. But after a few songs the room was starting to fill up and we had a rather good response from the Hoxton crowd, Lungs was another crowd favourite. With the whole night left to enjoy we decided to have a few drinks and wait for The Molotov’s to start. By the time the Molotov’s started the room was about to burst, if anyone hasn’t checked them out then you must they are simply brilliant. After a wonderful night in Hoxton we left blurry eyed with Simon lying in the road and Ben hadn’t a single penny to his name, we went home for a drink and a smoke in good spirits.

We woke up on Thursday morning with Hoxton hangovers sure that we would never recover but the sunshine is a great healer of hangovers. We left Roehampton where we stayed the night and went to lovely Richmond to enjoy the afternoon. We sat by the river all afternoon and bathed in the glorious sunshine drinking a mixture of summery specialities. We could have sat in that spot all day but we had another show Thursday night in Luton. After a horrible traffic jam and a diversion into the Bedfordshire countryside to relieve Matthew’s bladder we arrived in Luton at a cosy little venue called the Hat Factory. We played one of the best sets we had all tour and managed to impress a few promoters that were in the crowd. In the end we left with about 3 or 4 gig offers which was lovely. After another viciously long traffic jam we eventually arrived home to Ipswich in the early hours of Friday morning, we had a day off in-between our next gig which happened to be a home show at McGuinty’s on Saturday night.

Saturday was another glorious day and we were playing our final tour date of the eastern leg in our hometown Ipswich. The gig was at McGuinty’s an Irish Pub with a rather nice venue upstairs called the Blue Room. We had the pleasure of sharing the night with our good friends Basement, who were excellent; their song “D.U.I” kept us going in Scotland. After a brilliant sound check thanks to Simon the fantastic soundman at McGuinty’s we could relax a little. We were quite nervous before the show; we wanted to impress our home crowd. And as a real surprise the gig in Ipswich was the best show we’d played on tour. The crowd were fantastic giving us a very overwhelming reception and singing along too. It was a lovely end to a very successful second leg to the “Lungs” tour. We drank too much and went our separate ways afterwards, some ended up in the rather wonderful Krazy Kitchen and others had already hit the limit. Either way we had yet another brilliant journey and cant wait for the third part of our tour, next stop the Midlands and the North-East!


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