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The last project we undertook in Sixth Form. All the stuff under ShockAndAweStudio’s channel is a group of plebs with a bit too much time and quite a few crazy ideas. The films get steadily worse the further you go back in time, but they were all hilarious to make…even if they’re not funny to watch. Enjoy/inflict at your pleasure!

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1 Laura | on 06 June 2010

I love this, it made me laugh! must have taken a long time.

2 Trevormcdevor | on 07 August 2011

Thanks! Was sposed to be the power of mobile music or something along those lines I forget now, basically a Lee Evans quote where he states everyone should carry a splitter and just sit down next to people on public transport and share a song off each other’s mp3 players before the end of the journey - something linked to that idea. Also a kind of goodbye to everyone at our sixthform. It didn’t take too long actually, mostly editing

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