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WorkSpace – local Creative, Media and Arts opportunities online!

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WorkSpace – local Creative, Media and Arts opportunities online!

Where can you find out about Creative, Media and Arts jobs and opportunities in Suffolk?

WorkSpace is IP1’s newest creation and aims to provide comprehensive listings of every type of creative job and professional development opportunity that exists locally.

But we won’t achieve this aim without your help.

We’re asking everyone to post details of local jobs, work experience placements, internships, training opportunities, education courses, voluntary placements, open exhibitions, auditions, invitations to join local organisations and groups… Literally, you name it. As long as it comes under the umbrella ‘Creative, Media and Arts’  we want to know about it, and so do about 10,000 other people in Suffolk!

So, if you’re a local business or organisation, or an individual, group or collective, start advertising your jobs and opportunities for FREE on our website.

From small, one-off collaborations to big, juicy jobs, simply choose ‘Upload WorkSpace Opportunity’ from the ‘Upload’ drop-down menu at the top of this page (you must be logged in), and fill out the short form. You’ll then be able to monitor how many people apply for your opportunity, while gaining instant access to their CVs and portfolios.

Or, if you hear about a great opening in the paper or online, why not spread the word and post a link for others? Unless, that is, you’re planning on applying for the position yourself. In which case, you might wanna keep it under your hat.


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