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Sub Zero

A fizzy drink advert aimed at 11-16 year old boys. Filmed and edited by myself. Directed and make-up by Laura Fellingham.

Featuring: Wilf Duggan, Albert Duggan, Harry Buttery, Orlando Mednick, Sam Keeble, Boonie, Hazel Gardener and Eric Matthews.

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1 Wilf Duggan | on 29 May 2010

This advert is bloody amazing! Great work, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work. That main zombie is wicked, what a smile!

2 Scott Bailey | on 01 June 2010

The voice is soo good! Sounds like something you would acctually see on TV :D
Well done!

3 Laura R Cullum | on 08 June 2010

Thank you very much smile

4 Hamual | on 10 June 2010


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