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Between the Cracks

A review of Danusia Iwaszko’s ‘Between the Cracks’.

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Between the Cracks

Covering the topic of mental health in a condensed, hour long format may seem like a difficult task but it is something Danusia   Iwaszko‘s Between the Cracks achieves with aplomb. Dealing with the subject of Borderline Personality Disorder, Iwaszko‘s drama manages to balance the heartwarming naivety and extreme paranoia of her protagonist without ever losing the deftness of touch that make this performance so unusual. In terms of casting the performance is pitch perfect; in her role as Linda young actress Harriet Garbas particularly shows an incredible range, handling the intricacies and contradictions of the part with a touching sincerity.

Where the piece truly flourishes however is the care with which it has been developed. Workshopped on a weekly basis in consultation with a Borderline Personality Disorder support group and using insight and stories from individuals with real experience, Between the Cracks is more than a mere dramatisation. The question and answer session, also attended by Mind representatives and individuals living with the condition, is especially moving.

Between the Cracks - Pulse Fringe Festival; Sir John Mills Theatre: Sun 6 June, 3PM


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