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Review: The Siege, PULSE festival 2010

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Review: The Siege, PULSE festival 2010

Nabokov theatre company, in collaboration with writer Jack Thorne of Skins and Shameless, have been working on a new production. Bunny, originally titled The Siege is a play under construction that won’t be touring as a finished piece until August; but the first reading was performed for the public last week as part of the PULSE festival.

The Siege is a well written and thought provoking monologue about an 18 year-old teenager called Katie who is on a journey of self discovery. A girl described as ‘on the edge’ in terms of school popularity, Katie comes from a middle class family and dates a guy from outside of school. When her boyfriend Abe gets into a fight with a passer-by, his friends insist they track down the kid who attacked him.

Thrust into an adventure that she will never forget, we start to understand more about Katie as events unravel, and her powerlessness as a character is revealed. The balance of power shifts in various parts of the reading when the relationship with her parents, her school and the other male counterparts come into play.

From the reading itself, it looks as if Bunny is sure to be a hit. Although perhaps, given the audience feedback on the night it could be something of a controversial success. If the play is anything like the reading given then expect some dynamic and gripping storytelling.

The play will be performing at the Underbelly from August 5 - 29 as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival before playing The Mercury Theatre, Colchester in September 2010. Make sure you catch it if you can!

Words: TJ


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