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How to - fry my nerves

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How to - fry my nerves

Take a pinch of pressure,
A dollop of desperation
And a healthy handful of heated discussion
And mix it with a fistful of fury.
Stir in an unambiguous amount of unreasonableness
Then churn until it forms the resemblance of misery.
Is it green yet? Good, that’s the envy kicking in.
Now for an armful of anxiety, that should do the trick.
All that’s left now is to leave your mixture out in the 25 degree heat
Until it spits and hisses like an angered rattle snake.
Congratulations, you have successfully fried my nerves!
Now enjoy the bout of rage which is to follow upon devouring.


1 Trevormcdevor | on 17 June 2010

Like it, know exactly what you mean. Mashed the nail on the head

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