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3rd Ring Out: Rehearsing the Future

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3rd Ring Out: Rehearsing the Future

A remarkable arts production about the impact of humanity on the environment comes to Ipswich as part of The Pulse Festival this week. ‘3rd Ring Out: Rehearsing the Future’ created by Metis Arts takes place in two adapted shipping containers at Suffolk University Campus from 9th – 12th June.

In 3rd Ring Out, audiences can experience a very different sort of theatre. The shipping containers become mobile command centres set in 2033 in which the teams have to deal with a range of emergency scenarios caused by the impact of climate change. Actors play team leaders who guide the audience through this simulation, inviting them to choose how the story unfolds. Combining drama, video and an interactive computer system, this is a production in which the participants get to change the future.

3rd Ring Out has been recreated especially for Ipswich – the audience sit around a map of a sector encompassing Ipswich city centre and the marina. It has been developed with the support of a number of notable scientists and the direct input of emergency planners to make the action scientifically sound and realistic. Metis Arts, which produced this piece, was keen to bring it to Ipswich, due to the low-lying position of Ipswich within East England and the very direct impact that climate change might have on the area to flood risk. People still remember the 1953 floods – what might the future hold?

After the performance, the audience can find out how everyone else ‘voted’ and compare the results of their team with others during the run and with performances which have taken place elsewhere. There is also a website for further exploration and discussion.

Performances take place each day at 11am, 1.30pm, 4.30pm and 7pm and tickets are available from the New Wolsey Theatre Box Office on 01473 295 900


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