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The Waxing Captors Review

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The Waxing Captors Review

The Waxing Captors
Antigen Records

From the intriguing, although aesthetically unpleasant CD artwork, I admit I wasn’t expecting a typical pop-rock or garage-punk band. Fortunately for us all, here is a band whose songs and sound are a great alternative from other artists who align themselves to the same genre. The particular characteristics that will bring ‘The Waxing Captors’ to the forefront of their scene are the distinguishable vocals, which are sure to gather interest from prominent A&R personnel. The lead vocalist, Luke Littleboy, has a voice constantly varying in dynamics, intensity and timbre, which would be irritating if it wasn’t so entertaining and unique to the ear.

The lo-fi sound production used on the album has, and probably always will be, a cult preference amongst audiences, especially in today’s polished and coherent world of music production. But that same component is also what makes ‘The Waxing Captors’ refreshing to hear, and unlike other similar underground artists ‘The Waxing Captors’ have wrote accessible songs to cater to the mainstream audience. With brash choppy guitar licks and a drum sound resonant of early 70’s proto-punk, ‘The Waxing Captors’ have set upon the music world with the intention to catch audiences off-guard and co-ordinate an incursion of pleasure to the senses of listeners; they succeeded with me.

‘The Waxing Captors’ could be regarded as either a ‘garage’ alternative to ‘Hot Hot Heat’, mixed with a ‘pop’ influenced version of ‘New Bomb Turks’. Recommended track ‘Golden Afternoon’.

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Waxing Captors Review   Christopher Francis   10/06/2010


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