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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

A Impartial Review of Eclipse (2010)

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

When it comes to reviewing the Twilight Saga, as I have learnt, one must separate the books from the films. It is one franchise that manages to excel much beyond the books and that is me being unbiased and impartial.

The film once again follows Bella, Kristen Stewart, whose graduation is fast approaching and she is forced to choose between her love for either Edward Cullen or Jacob Black, played by Robert Patterson and Taylor Launter respectively. Meanwhile a series of killings are occurring in Seattle by a group of “Newborns” engineered by Victoria who wants to get her revenge on Edward by getting to Bella.

David Slade was the strangest choice to direct seeing as his previous efforts are very let’s say different than the franchise is used to, Lords of Dogtown’s Catherine Hardwicke directed the first installment and Golden Compass director Chris Weitz directed the second. Yates has directed 30 Days of Night and Hard Candy to mention but two, but it pays off in more ways than one. This next installment in the Twilight Saga is much more thrilling and action packed than the previous two combined, it is a new direction for the series and the new direction works, it is the installment that the franchise deserves nay, NEEDS to keep it fresh and not fall into boredom territory, some may argue it has already fallen into this territory. Once again fans will love every minute of it and why shouldn’t they? There is actual fun to be had here, fun to be had by fans and non fans alike, I’m sure it will make quite a number of non fans curious towards the franchise.

The recasting of Victoria has payed off with a spectacular Bryce Dallas Howard at the helm of the role and with the role she recreates a powerful and chilling villain. Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart’s acting has improved once again they are so comfortable in their roles now it is refreshing, but I do hope they don’t get too comfortable because that will just end in disaster for the franchise even Launter’s acting has improved immensely, though girls won’t really care about his acting that much. There are some fantastic action sequences, yes action not vocal action good old action with fighting and everything, with excellent editing to boot and guess what? It is even quite funny in places. But, there are times where it feels the film is over reliant on Jacob’s abs admittedly but it could be construed as an in joke, but I doubt it.

The tone is nothing less than bittersweet and it’s a nice feel there is a foredooming feel to the entire situation and even a little sprinkle of irony and it is all due to David Slade, nothing to do with the original source material which is my opinion was dull. There will still be skeptics but if you actually take away your bias for one second and pay some attention to what is happening on screen I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised with what you see before you and I am proof of this happening, now stop moaning and just watch the damn movie, it’s good!

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Who could have thought the atrocious novel could turn into this wonderful piece of cinema?


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