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Millionaires By Morning - “Real Gangsters Wear Suits?”

Millionaires By Morning is a ‘side project’ group consisting of myself (Truth) on the mic and Tom Young ( on production.
This song has been chosen to be featured on a popular TV show…i’m not gunna tell you which one until it is actually aired…cus i’m skeptical like that!!

Let me know what you think,

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1 Howard | on 22 October 2008

This is high quality, Truth. I had no idea you were this good! I love the delay on the chorus and the ha ha after, it’s nice. And the melody line which is kind of video game, that’s good as well.

Post more!

2 michelle sattaur | on 24 February 2010

this is fantastic ! we love it ! great lyrics, great music. some friends saw your band last friday at the steam boat and said you were so good…. when is the next gig?

3 Truth | on 24 February 2010

Hi michelle, this is supppppeeer old now..

Next Millionaires By Morning gig is on 12th March @ PJ Mcginty’s Blue Room.

Hope to see you there! come say wassup!

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