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Osborne Road Review

Written for The Courier, Newcastle University’s student newspaper. A review of Osborne Road, a popular night time spot for students.

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Osborne Road Review

Osborne Road: the epicentre of student nightlife in the heart of Jesmond. The ‘in-place’ where hundreds of students gather daily for a guaranteed cheap and cheerful booze session. Pre-lash, after-lecture wind-down, trashed night out without the terrifying locals and obscene taxi queues: whatever your agenda, Osborne Road offers it all.
First (from my end anyway) we hit Bar Blanc. Happy hour here is ecstatic as it runs from 5-7pm, offering 2for1 cocktails, pints for a pound and even free drinks! I can’t help but get a little bit giddy with anticipation every time I slam that buzzer. With every one of my extremities crossed I hope that I’ll become the most popular housemate after winning a free round for us all. Alternatively, you could shamelessly flirt with the ginger barman and bag yourself 2for1 drinks regardless: I find that he’s pretty susceptible to a quick ego boost and beaming smile.
Next in the line up we come to Osborne’s where Monday’s play host to a quiz night at 8pm where you can win up to £500 and have a great time trying to completely guess the obscure questions asked. Happy hour here is from 5.30 til 7.30 where the same rules apply as Blanc. I’m sure you’ll be pretty far gone by this point and hopefully not out of pocket.
Spy bar is the next bar in the strip, where you can gain drinks offers from 5-7 every day and again for half an hour at 9pm between Sunday and Thursday. This place is always buzzing in the summer months as it catches the sun, providing a somewhat Mediterranean setting for an afternoon Bulmer’s or two. This bar is smack in the middle of Osborne Road and so is the perfect meeting place for a few bevvys with your old flatmates who live on the other side of Jesmond.
Billabong is one of the classier bars on the strip, attracting sophisticated young workers and the odd lavish student at the beginning of the term. It is a bit more expensive than the other bars but I definitely recommend it to anyone who fancies a chilled out catch-up in the comfort of suave leather chairs. From 8 til 10 every day you can get the cocktail of the week for £3.50: frozen margarita actually tastes like heaven although if you have too many you definitely run the risk of waking up to a massive headache the next day.
Finally, we have Berlise, home to the Leazes veterans. I always had a warped view that this place would be the most pretentious bar with a stinking rich air about it but my opinion was definitely obliterated after my first visit. With cosy booths to sit in and a buzzing atmosphere, this place is a definite must for those of you wanting to start the night with a bang, offering cheap drinks between 5.30 and 7.30pm and again at 9.30.
It has to be said, Osborne Road definitely never fails to deliver on low-cost drinks, great banter and epic nights out.


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