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Pin Mill

Mixed media collage of Pin Mill.

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Pin Mill


1 Lois Cordelia | on 18 August 2010

Hi Jen,

The more I see of your work in collage, the more I love it! And needless to say, it’s even more impressive when you see the actual artwork, as it has such a tactile quality as well.

Many thanks for telling me about IP1zine! smile x

2 Jen Baxter | on 19 August 2010

Awww thanks Lois, you are very lovely! smile

I wish we could go back to the days of our A Level art lessons and spend all that time doing arty things again. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years! x

3 Lois Cordelia | on 19 August 2010

LOL Yes indeed… those were the days!! x

p.s. Are you still in touch with Mr E?

4 Jen Baxter | on 19 August 2010

I was going to ask you the same question! No I’m not but I’d love to get back in touch with him.

5 Lois Cordelia | on 19 August 2010

Same here - wouldn’t he be proud to know that you and I are both working in art & graphic design full time! smile

6 Jen Baxter | on 19 August 2010

Yeah I think he would smile

It’s down to him that I even fell in love with collage, I was obsessed with oil painting before sixth form (and I wasn’t very good at it to be honest).

I’ve had a bit of a search for him online with no luck, I assumed he’d have his own arty website.

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