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1 Howard | on 30 August 2010

I think this is great, it’s really raw and cool. Great vocals, nice guitar work, the lot. You guys are gonna be good. Like you’re good now but you’re gonna get better. Keep uploading, would love to hear more of you.

2 Timothy Leat And The Running | on 31 August 2010

Cheers Howard!
Yeah, we are getting some more songs up soon so you won’t have to wait long!

3 Howard | on 10 September 2010

I LOVE this song. I keep listening to it. In fact I’ve just danced around my flat to it! I can see a feature heading your way, boys.

4 Duygu | on 10 September 2010

I love this song, especially the beat. You guys are really good and I can’t to hear more(:

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