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1 Howard | on 03 November 2008

this is really good. it reminds me of belle and sebastian.

2 joel | on 04 November 2008

good shout howard, it reminds me of johny flynn and the sussex wit!!!

great track george!!!

3 lozz berry | on 26 November 2008

this is officially one of my favorite song on the show-off at the moment, it brings Kimya Dawson from the smashing pumpkins, and also those london singers like lilly, or kate nash but not so bad :D if you dont know kimya dawson, you should!

4 lozz berry | on 27 November 2008

or lee skinner

5 hcf(: | on 03 January 2009

i agree, it really sounds like kimya dawson or something (:
i like it a lot, gooooooooooooooood work wink

6 Rezined | on 14 September 2009

Love it! smile

7 Howard | on 14 September 2009

i think this might have to become featured media. i’ll add it now!

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