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10th Anniversary

This is motion piece I designed for TCM celebrating their 10th anniversary. Featuring actors and actresses from across their movie database, this short animation featured live on their movie channel.

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1 Jonanice | on 24 November 2010

nice lil ad, i found myself trying to name as many of the stars as i could as i watched em pass lol.
Earlier in the year TCM did a competition for the 3rd yr graphic students at UCS & one of them got some work experience after with them which was really cool.

2 SeanScannell | on 25 November 2010

Thanks for the comment Jonanice!

Yea I studied Graphic Design at UCS as well and won the TCM prize in 2009 with the internship - that how I ended up having a year freelance contract here so is definitely a worthwhile opportunity!

3 Yoji | on 25 November 2010

I think this is a great ad for TCM’s 10th anniversary. I love the way you’ve slowly revealed the collage of actors and I think it pieces together really well. I have friends that want to study graphic design and it’s nice to hear that there are amazing opportunities out there for graduates.

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