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Mumm-ra at Colchester Art Centre

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Mumm-ra at Colchester Art Centre

The wait is finally over; Mumm-ra’s only tour of 2008 has arrived! Playing in a small renovated church on the penultimate show of their tour. But first…the support bands!
  First to take to the stage is the Lugers. Well, they had musical talent but that is about it! No stage presence or excitement and the vocals seemed to lack any sort of emotion.
  Next, at the opposite end of the scale is OK Tokyo. Filled with rock star swagger and cocky confidence that was sure to make the Oasis boys proud they manage to pump the crowd up for the main performance… Mumm-ra!
  Starting the set with a spanking new song, ‘Clowns’, which goes down a treat, closely followed by the all famous ‘What Would Steve Do?’ Working the crowd into a frantic frenzy. The crazed crowd doesn’t calm until the acoustic ‘Light up This Room’ which has them hooked and spellbound, swaying on the spot. Followed by a succession of more upbeat tracks and another newbie Clocks. Finishing with a big bang on ‘Out Of the Question’ leaving everyone begging for more. I have to end this with a desperate urge for you to check out Mumm-ra’s version of the Cures ‘In between days’, it truly is beautiful.


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