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Pixelh8 “Sonus (One)” Apple iPhone App Launched

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Pixelh8 “Sonus (One)” Apple iPhone App Launched

Sonus (One) for the Apple iPhone
Download from the Apple App Store now.

“Sonus (One)” is a spatial realisation of aleatoric or randomly generated music. Although not all of the music is left to chance, the player can intervene albeit in a seemingly haphazard manner. Use the blocks either to block the flow of the balls or to trap them removing them from play.

The software in part inspired by the work and teachings of John Cage, with “Sonus (One)” adding the dimension of space to the music of chance. Not only letting “sounds be themselves” but giving them room to do so.

“Sonus (One)” is part of the “Otherwise Autonomous” collection of digital instruments designed and programmed by Pixelh8.The instruments are a culmination of three years of Masters Degree research in to alternative musical instruments and notation systems. “Sonus (One)” is the first of many, “Sonus (Two)” already in production.


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