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DELS and Ed Sheeran @ UPROCK, The Swan, November 6!

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DELS and Ed Sheeran @ UPROCK, The Swan, November 6!

What did you do on your sixth birthday? I ate McDonald’s with Ronald and some of my closest, hyperactive school chums.

But UPROCK is too street for that.

The Ipswich promoter supremos have chosen The Swan as their venue for what is set to be an amazing birthday party, scheduled for Saturday November 6.

Because they’re popular with the cool kids at school, they’ve also managed to bag two of the local scene’s biggest names to play at their party, Ed Sheeran and DELS.

What’s more, you can be in their cool gang too, as theirs is a free party. The only cool rule you’ll have to break is don’t there get too late. Otherwise you might not get in.


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