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Ask Ben Gummer a Question!

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Ask Ben Gummer a Question!

This Friday the IP1 team will be interviewing Ipswich MP, Ben Gummer.

We will be quizzing Ben about issues that are important to local young people, like transport.

The interview will be printed in the next issue of IP1, published December 10.

If you have a question for Ben, please post it as a comment on this blog and we will ask it for you.

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1 IP1zine | on 28 October 2010

Via Facebook, from Tom Lock:

“Yeah, what does he think of cuts to university funding and what does he think of Suffolk Council’s decision to outsource almost all of it’s services?”

2 David | on 28 October 2010

Hi Mr Gummer,

I would like to know your opinion on the issue of the EU. It’s increasing it’s budget, demanding more money from us while we decrease ours (even though I understand why this is.) As a conservative, one of the campaign promises was to transfer more power from Brussells to Parliament, surely this increase in their budget and decrease of ours is the ultimate power transfer?

Thank you,


3 Martha Farquhar | on 28 October 2010

As benefits are cut and the local authority dismantles itself in a cost-cutting exercise, losing valuable support services, do you envisage the poorest and most vulnerable members of the community (the ones who will be most affected by the cuts) might turn to crime in order to make ends meet?

If so, are there any plans to put measures in places (additional policing, more social services checks, extra places in prisons, etc.) to counter an increase in crime as a result of the so-called coalition’s social tinkering?

4 Holly | on 29 October 2010

My sister has just moved into the area and she has a child who is registered as disabled. This means that she should be able to get some things discounted, and she can if she fills in a mountain of paper work for each individual thing, all needing the same information and evidence. This only appears to be the case in Ipswich. For example, Crown Pools gave her a lot of paperwork to fill in before she could get the discount, but Felixstowe swimming pool gave her the discount straight away. Maybe there should be a disabled child card or something to cut out the paperwork because having a disabled child takes up all of your time already without having to fill in a lot of paperwork.

Thank you.

5 electricoak | on 31 October 2010

Ben, the conservative party under David Cameron took £11 billion from welfare and gave £24 billion in corporate tax breaks. How is it that you are comfortable associating yourself with a political party that so obviously moves along such a selfish and de-huminising value system?

Please bear in mind that people who want more for themselves and less for everyone else might not be able to see it quite as obviously as those who are inclined toward unity.

Have a beautiful day.

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