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Vertical Road - Akram Khan Dance Company

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Vertical Road - Akram Khan Dance Company

Vertical Road is Akram Khan’s latest contemporary ensemble work. Khan has assembled a cast of very special performers and artists from across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. With a specially commissioned score by long-term collaborator composer Nitin Sawhney, Vertical Road draws inspiration from universal myths of angels that symbolise ‘ascension’, the road between the earthly and the spiritual, the vertical road.

Balancing a carefully crafted structure and innovative lighting, this production has a richly diverse quality, played out through each performer’s different cultural interpretation of the human odyssey. Vertical Road aims to create both a visually inspiring and spiritually profound experience.

See the teaser video here!

Akram Khan
artistic director/choreographer
Nitin Sawhney music

Friday 19 November 2010 - Saturday 20 November 2010
Snape Maltings Concert Hall


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