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Off we go…

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Off we go…

Hey all & one,

Sorry about the lack of video, we had a bit of a technical hitch, and haven’t been able to get it on here…however…

We will be in Tower Ramparts as of Monday (29th November), handing out information regarding Sexual Health services in Suffolk.

And, if you’re aged between 16 & 24, and are due a chlamydia test (if you haven’t had one this year and/or have a new sexual partner), you will receive a Arcadia voucher in return for bringing us a completed chlamydia postal kit (they’re not scary!)

There will also be a Free Prize Draw, which EVERYONE will be entitled to enter (prizes inlcude: VIP passes for Pals, products from Supercuts, vouchers for Crown Pools & free travel passes from Ipswich buses).

We would love to talk top you next week, come and see us!


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