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Get Your Artwork Noticed - Get Online!

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Get Your Artwork Noticed - Get Online!

Have you ever wondered about setting up your own website to show off your work but keep putting it off or don’t know where to start? A couple of weeks ago I came across a new project that was just the incentive I needed to get my act into gear and get my paintings online. I wanted to share it because I was really pleased with how it turned out and amazed at how simple and accessible it was.

The initiative is called Get British Business Online, and is offering free website hosting for two years and a free domain name. The project is a partnership between Enterprise UK, Google and BT aiming to encourage a more enterprising spirit amongst people in the UK and to get new or existing businesses online.

The service offers:

•  a free address
•  a free customisable website
•  free unlimited website updates
•  easy to set up business email
•  built in online payments

The great thing is that you don’t need any technical knowledge as it guides you through the process in a really simple way, does all the complicated stuff behind the scenes and you don’t need to know anything about writing HTML code!

I don’t profess to be an expert on websites (although I’m trying to learn much more now) but thought I would give it a go to give myself a platform from which I can sell my paintings. It literally took under 20 minutes to register and then another hour and a half to load the images and text. In one morning I had created a website designed to match the look and feel of my paintings. I chose earthy, organic colours as it seemed to go best with my work but there are hundreds of themes and styles to choose from.

I was genuinely surprised at how easy it was to get this far. I realise I still have lots to learn to make the most of all the features available, but I’ve taken the plunge and got my paintings out there ready to promote to anyone I think might be interested. I’m putting the link to the site on my social networking profiles and my next move will be to get business cards made up with the address available to give to people at private views and other events.

I really recommend this as a great opportunity for anyone interested in selling their designs, craft or artwork. I don’t know how long the project will run, but whilst the opportunity is there and completely free, it’s got to be worth a look.

If you want to see the site that I created, please feel free to have a look at: If yo.u want to see how another artist has used the facility, this is the example that was posted on the GBBO website:

To have a look for yourself and take the first steps into selling your work online, visit

Good luck!


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