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Time when all the world is asleep,
something in my mind flashed so deep.

Peeped through my window, the cute twilight,
welcoming me into the new day of light.

The dreamily bright sun rays, rolled over my slender cheeks,
roused in me. the early morning energy levels to peaks.

Dawn hugged me so deeply…...., so warmly,
inviting me into the busy day, so cutely…., so lovely.

Out of the bed now, through the window, I stared out,
in gesticulation, I stunned, on seeing the nature’s might.

Coldness in the sweet wind,
romancified my dazed mind.

Then started the terra incognitia feel tout-de-suite,
de profoundis, with the early morning’s kissing site.

This day, rejoiced me with the smiling of the sky,
noise of the birds, the beaux arts of the nature,
the billet doux of the fresh morning, as I stood,
ad infinitum alfresco…....this day started with joy,
even ab initio….............. oh jo, GOOD MORNING!


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