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In The Key Of Me Ft. A Deeper Dreed - Veranova

‎‘In The Key Of Me EP’ is out now! download FREE from here:

If you want to hear the tracks first then click this link:

1) In The Key Of Me Ft. A Deeper Dreed

2) In The Key Of Me VIP

3) In The Key Of Me (Penny For The DJ REMIX)

4) In The Key Of Me (Haik-Adu REMIX)

5) And I Know

6) In The Key Of Me F.T A Deeper Dreed (Instrumental)

7) Here The Story Ends

- Veranova

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1 Howard | on 26 January 2011

like Iron Maiden on speed!

2 VeraNova | on 26 January 2011

Thanks! the guys love iron maiden so theyll be proud to hear that!

3 Instinctivesounds | on 11 May 2011

OUTSTANDING track!! Great work guys.

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