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potential lyrics influenced to a nautical theme. about courage, confidence and the self conscience.

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We were travelling over north, we were travelling over places,

we left you here for dead, you were tying up your laces,

The trees were growing up and so we looked into the air,

i’m sorry that you missed it you were tidying up your hair.

The mist was closing so we were trying to escape

dandylions and such like were dying our wake- instead of

falling to the ground, the leaves were flying in the sky,

we couldn’t quite believe it, so we tried to deny.

Coastlines and countries and fish smelling places,

Silver white seas and fish smelling faces,

Green eyes watch me go out to the oceans and afar

Slowly, gracefully, we go.

Troubled waters on troubled skies,

the stars are coming out so don’t cover your eyes,

have courage my friend, courage in my heart,

I will stay here with you.


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