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15 years.

for want of a better first verse!
yet it stays..

this is one of first poems; entirely unsure as to whether it is any good or not..

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15 years.

At 15 years old, you were listening to Radio 4 and drinking tea,

For the clever ones among us it is easy to know, easy to see,

What you are and what you are not, what you do right and what you do wrong,

At 13 years old I wrote a song.

What does that say? What does that make me?

An odd child, a casualty?

Of the Kate Nash wave, of the NME subscription,

At 14 years old, I gave a description.

And here i am now, 15 years to my name,

still lots to learn, still lots to gain,

Preaching is easy, but practice not so,

Be proud of your actions, and then we can go.


1 Jema | on 07 December 2008

I like it smile

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