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Hannah Cook exhibition @ Suffolk Food Hall, Ipswich, until March 18!

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Hannah Cook exhibition @ Suffolk Food Hall, Ipswich, until March 18!

Local artist Hannah Cook has recently launched her debut solo art exhibition at the Suffolk Food Hall.

This is the perfect venue to display her culinary themed artwork, which enables her collection to be displayed around the upper level of the restaurant. So, whether you are having a meal or just a cup of coffee your eyes will be drawn to the bold colours and unique techniques used by the artist.

Using pens, coloured paper, ink and homemade rubber stamps, Hannah has created a range of delicious pieces that will satisfy your need for art. Using both screen and digital print to display her food inspired work, the freelance illustrator has taken mundane everyday objects such as corks, fish and even bread recipes and made them interesting and into works of art.

“An enjoyment of food, recipe books, food packaging, trips to Aldeburgh and Florence are some of the things which inspired me to base my exhibition around food,” Hannah tells us.

After viewing the exhibition you too will find yourself with a better insight into the creative mind of the artist and filled with a hunger for more of her work.

If you haven’t already, head over to the Suffolk Food Hall, where both prints and postcards of Hannah Cook’s artwork are available for purchase, before the exhibition ends on March 18. LH



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