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GP’s Grimy Pro’s 64 Bars [Series 1] D.O (Hectic)

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GP’s Grimy Pro’s 64 Bars series, bringing you some of the best MC’s from Ipswich and the surrounding areas and beyond. If you are an MC or rapper that wants to feature in the series send your details to:

All filming will take place in Milsam Urban Clothes Shop, Ipswich Suffolk, so be prepared to travel if your from outside that region. As well as good exposure for any artist taking part, this series is a competition with a prize for the winner. To win - the video clip that receives the most “LIKES” on YouTube in the first week of their clip being UPLOADED AND MADE PUBLIC. The winner of the series will receive studio time to record with Gambler on one of his beats, a music video for the record and release on Itunes.

The GP Grimy Pro’s 64 Bars series is designed to expose new talent or talent already out there in the SouthEast of England not getting the promotion they deserve. If you fit into these categories then make sure you get involved as this is a superb chance to kick start or develop your career as an artist in an industry where many of you will find there are not many opportunities for free exposure and promotion. Good luck to every one that takes part.

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1 IP1zine | on 18 March 2011

The original and the best: IP1 wink

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