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The ‘No’ Men

Occasionally I get a little angry.

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The ‘No’ Men

They pace the shallow halls of their self-aggrandising glory,
basking in the callow, pointless existence they’ve built.
Assert your power little man; read your stock phrases and stories -
throw your negativity in our faces full tilt.

‘Depression and Downturn’, ‘Decline and Demise’,
heads slip deeper into thick sand.
Hide alone in your sanctuary - our talent will prise
control from your cold, dead hand.

Turn away our ideas, crush our landmark designs,
wag your finger and buzz for the guards.
This generation will rise and soon you will pine
for a reversal of your disregard.

When the clichés have drowned and suffocated suits,
it is I who will profit, not you.
Fuck your ‘no’s’, fuck your put-downs, fuck your dreary photoshoots.
I say ‘yes’ and I know they will too.


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