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Nd1 Music at Suffolk New College

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Nd1 Music at Suffolk New College

For the last project in the National Diploma Music course at Suffolk New Collage we have to perform in, what we are calling, our MMP (major music project). This consists of putting on our own gig using the things that we have learnt through the year.
The first part of the process is to decide on what type of event we want, as a class, to put on. We want to put on a show case that we are calling “Back to the future”. This will be a night of music from different decades. We had a class discussion about what different styles of music we wanted to play and from this have allocated students into their bands. The band that i was put into is the Thrash/Metal band and consists of Myself, Sam, Jacob, Jack, Nat and Pete, and is going to do 90’s metal.
At the first meeting Pete decided that he is going to join another band and Jack said that he does not want to do the Thrash. After discussions in the band we have decided the three songs that we are going to perform at the MMP. The songs are;
Enter Sandman by Metallica
Holy Diver by Dio
The Trooper by Iron Maiden
A fourth song will be composed by the band together.

In the next few weeks of the project the class will be split into different groups that will be delecated different jobs and Roles within the MMP. For example;
Money management
Artist/band management

Hopefully when the different sections come together the work that the individuals have done will be enough promote and perform in the MMP.
To help myself and my group keep on track i will be activly be blogging about the MMP.
Aaron Henry. Suffolk New Collage ND1 Music.


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