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This was taken in Toronto, Canada.
I saw this man singing and playing guitar and managed to capture this shot just before he realised I was there!

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1 Gemma3373 | on 11 December 2008

Hi Katie,
What a melancholy shot. I love the washed-out colours in this. I think I have a jumper the same colour as that bench. Well done for catching the guy before he noticed you!

2 Phil Hewitt | on 24 December 2008

I really like this… My favourite photographer of all time lives in Toronto. Check him out

He’s absolutely incredible. its a little annoying to think he’s only 19 but he’s inspirational.

3 Katie | on 24 December 2008

hey just looked at the link you sent. His work is so beautiful I can’t believe he is only 19 too!
Thanks for the link I really like looking at other peoples work.
I like the new work you have just put up by the way..really loving the effects you are using.

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