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Review: Art & Design Degree Show, UCS, Ipswich, June 8 (Private View)!

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Review: Art & Design Degree Show, UCS, Ipswich, June 8 (Private View)!

I’ll be honest with you – modern art often bewilders me. To me, an unmade bed and a dead shark is something my mum tells me off for having in my room (don’t ask) – so I ventured into the lively jungle of art that is UCS’ Art & Design Degree Show worrying that I wouldn’t be able to understand anything. My fears were misplaced – I enjoyed an engrossing evening out that was accessible to people of all ages.

The walls are full of art, from paintings…


…to photographs…


…to mattresses…


…to tables and chairs.


There’s also some brilliant sculpture, that is in turns creepy…

(Winnie the Pooh having the worst day ever.)



…and cool.


It’s not just Fine Art and Photography on display – there’s also Film and Media, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Computer Games Design. I spent quite a while in the latter – not just because you get to play video games there (Key Stage 1 Maths has never been so much fun!) – it was genuinely interesting. Luke Norman told me the story behind why he chose this course; his teacher told him about it when, bored in an IT lesson, he created a game just out of Excel! (My teachers are far less understanding when I don’t concentrate in class.)


Henry Bracey was good enough to explain some of his work to me. (I didn’t really get all of it, but he was a very nice young man.) I also spoke to Rob Kurta, the enthusiastic course leader of Computer Games Design, who told me all about what sounds like a brilliant course.

The graduates were very approachable and happy to talk about their work. It’s fascinating to hear about their inspirations – Paul Fisk’s art is inspired by his understanding of Buddhism and his ambition to be heavyweight champion of the world. (Random but cool!)


Meanwhile, Interior Design graduate Alba Woodard came all the way from Spain to study at UCS, and the bold colours of her work are a reflection of her upbringing there.


The Art & Design Degree Show is a vibrant showcase of young talent flourishing in Suffolk. It is these graduates who will go on to shape the future of creative industries. The show is a thought-provoking outing with a great atmosphere. Well worth a visit.


Words and Photography:
Daisy Jones

The Degree Show runs until June 19 at Arts Building and Waterfront Building, UCS, Ipswich
Weekdays 10am - 6pm / Weekends 11am - 3pm


1 Yviemarie | on 11 June 2011

Ha! I’m in the photo smile

2 IP1zine | on 11 June 2011

which photo?

3 Yviemarie | on 12 June 2011

Ha! The last one. I was flicking through one of the portfolios, very impressive, made me want to go and draw something smile

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