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Ideals in Germany + Holland

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Ideals in Germany + Holland

Much to the frustration of the other members of Ideals I am forever a pessimistic wanker, so quick to doubt seemingly perfect situations as they appear before us, so suspicious of potentially fun filled antics until they are staring me directly in the face. I almost assume parties and clubs to be some kind of cruel in joke that I don’t understand.

It has to be said that despite my exceptionally bleak outlook on the world nothing could begin to tarnish how much we all enjoyed our recent tour of Germany and Holland and how humbled we are by the exceptional reaction we received in our short visit. It was simply one of the best experiences we have ever had as a band. The guys we met became dear friends within hours, the team of people who looked after us did so with more kindness than our own mothers and the towns and cities we had the privilege of visiting stunned us at every turn by their awe-inspiring beauty. We have never partied as heartily as we did in Europe, as the picture of Simon at his lowest will confirm we were at best drunken buffoons. Yet the whole thing went incredibly smoothly; we played well, got everywhere with relative ease and no one died. Given the vast amount of free alcohol I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

It seems that German people love British guitar music even more than the British guitarists that spawn it. In a stark contrast to the bombastic shit that plagues most of the British airwaves the German radio stations in the van were awash with White Lies and Bloc Party, it was glorious. At each show we were surprised to be met by excitable crowds who danced like crazy and made it obvious they were just up for a damn good time. In Holland we played through every song we knew, including all the encores, until the audience demanded we should simply play some of them again; we happily obliged and they happily rejoiced. When we reached the end of the trip I awaited the inevitable confusion that was to fill my brain as I woke up in my bed in London, slowly realising the whole thing had been a long and wonderful dream. Thankfully that never happened.

As the release of our new E.P creeps up, details of which will be announced shortly, we are already planning another European trip, one that is to be bigger and better than before. Until then we just want to thank everyone that made the last one so amazing, I would begin list names but frankly there are just too many, let me just say we can’t wait to see you all again.

Benjamin Ward x

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1 IP1zine | on 13 July 2011

Gross but amazing photo!

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