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Tim’s World

Tim, a computer game nerd, dreams constantly of a girl named Lisa.

If he can differentiate between his two realities for long enough he may stand a chance to win her heart.

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1 Howard | on 21 July 2011

hilarious line on 6:26! brilliant! great film guys!!

2 Daisy Jones | on 06 August 2011

Haha, I really enjoyed this! Great quirky, funny film smile
I absolutely love it when Tim goes into his alternative reality! Love the voice and the suit wink “Why don’t we… ditch this place?” *pouts*
Tim’s horrified look at 4.33 :D
Love the fight at the end - especially the *broom grab* moment!
Love it! smile

3 Trevormcdevor | on 07 August 2011

Very Scott Pilgrim, nice camera work and great editing! Fight scenes are good fun to do but a bitch to film from memory, nice work!

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