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Cycling Memory

I recently went on holiday and did half of a biking trail down in Cornwall. Whilst cycling I decided to shoot some footage with my iPhone. The footage in places was OK in terms of clarity but felt very “holiday”. It was all the motion blur and different lighting that caught my eye and that I found interesting and so I decided to edit all of these odd little aspects together. All the bits that you would not really usually use and what I came out with was just great. I then made some simple music to get a feeling of dream/ memory across and put it all together. It’s a quick piece of work and was more of an exercise than anything else to get use to the software a bit more and get a feel for video editing once again before getting on with something a little bit bigger.

Shot With:
iPhone 4

Software Used:
Adobe Premiere CS5, Reason 4

Bokeh Flux - “Cycling Memories” (made especially for the video)

Copyright Simon Banthorpe 2011

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