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Our Love by Yoji

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1 Howard | on 30 July 2011

This is beautiful Yoji – you’ve got a lovely voice and play really well. Great songwriting too. You deserve a bright future.

2 Yoji | on 31 July 2011

Thank you Howard, I’m glad you like it!

3 VeraNova | on 02 August 2011

you have an great voice Yoji!
I’ve been looking for vocalists for some of my own tracks, and need a Female voice for one.
If you’re interested pop me an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
and maybe we can have a chat?

4 Yoji | on 02 August 2011

Thank you and that sounds good smile

5 Andy | on 04 August 2011

This is really great, Yoji. I can’t quite believe this is you singing. It’s amazing.

6 Tommy Human | on 09 August 2011

lovely performance, you certainly enjoy it!

7 Yoji | on 09 August 2011

Thanks guys :D

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