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Watcher - As exhibited in town hall galleries ;)


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Watcher - As exhibited in town hall galleries ;)


1 Howard | on 08 January 2009

This is such a sweet shot, and the light works really well. Do you know the dog?

2 hcf(: | on 08 January 2009

Thankyou dear!
Yes it’s my dog, travis. He’s a bit of a legend wink

3 Lorzzzzzz | on 24 January 2009

thats awesome, how did you manage to get it in an exhibit? as youre only 14 lolin smile
But yeah it looks really cool, i like how youve still got the colour and its not a total silhoueotte?

4 hcf(: | on 24 January 2009

i just entered it into a competition (: and they chose it
which is pretty awesome (: haha
and thankyou

5 louise abbott | on 15 March 2009

thanks for your comments on my work! Thought I would look at yours in return and found you’re the person that did this photo! I saw it in town hall galleries and loved it. Was my fave thing in that exhibition.  Im not even a dog person but it is so captivating!

6 imogen | on 29 March 2009

this is very nicee smile

7 Cathia Ander | on 08 May 2015

nice pic !! bro

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