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Builders? Piss off!...

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Builders? Piss off!...

Everywhere I seem to look
My eyes behold recess.
Is it the shadow in the spine of a book?
Or a nice wind-swept secluded nook?
Or scars of history on the side of a rook?
Nope, it’s another arse crack.

The worst bit of someone’s behind,
Constant display of gluteal crease,
Always battling the daily grind
Of pervading arse in my face.

Pull your fucking trousers up!
This isn’t Texas jailhouse code
for “give us a hole and I’ll fill your cup”
It’s (apparently) public space.

Genuine confusion at what seems to be
An alternative reality
Where rainbows of pants and sweat and hair
Rain down authority on arses bare.

Let’s end this trend of flaunting coccyx,
It’s really UNBEFITTING.
If i see one more jaunty prick’s
Arse peeking out;
I’m likely to use it for shitting.


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