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A Class Act

I give my thoughts on the latest addition to the X-Men saga, X-Men: First Class...

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A Class Act

My mate Jay and I vowed that once our exams were over, we’d do something really crazy together. In the end, we got as far as a trip to Colchester Odeon. That was about wild enough for both of us. Jay always drags me along to macho movies – I’ve endured all five Fast and Furious films thanks to him – so I really didn’t want to see X-Men: First Class.
“You do know James McAvoy’s in it?” said Jay.
He knows me too well.

The fifth film in the X-Men series is a prequel, telling the story of Professor X and Magneto in the swinging sixties, back when they were friends and had hair.

Michael Fassbender (who turns out to be a bit of an alright) storms into the film as Erik Lehnsehr. The young metal manipulator is pretty messed up and murderous, a great contrast to the intelligent, if irresponsible, Charles. But, as they say, opposites attract, and Magneto’s, well, magnetic.

However, the mutant mates don’t get much time to play chess (thank God we have computers these days), because Kevin Bacon’s trying to wipe out all of mankind, and they kind of ought to sort that out.

There’s an eclectic array of mutants, including a red dude with awesome blade skills, this really fit Spanish guy who’s sadly only in it for about ten seconds, and a stripper with wings. There’s also a ginger guy who screams (worst superpower ever).

Still, don’t bet on a happy ending. It’s a classic break-up: Charles wants to stay in and snuggle, Erik wants to go out and murder innocents. It happens.

True, X-Men: First Class has been given a bit of a bad press, but don’t let that put you off. It’s a good, fun summer superhero movie, and adds depth to the characters featured in the previous three films. (Forget about Wolverine, Hugh Jackman’s abs were the best part of that.) There are some great action sequences (Erik’s a total boss), underpinned by the rather lovely central relationship. And, come on people. James McAvoy’s in it.


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