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Three Hourglasses

(In collaboration with Photography students Andrew Biddulph, Giles Croucher and Sam Coe)

This project was based around the debate of computer generated imagery as photography. CGI creates a fake image (data made visual), a photography too creates essentially a fake image (a photograph of something isn’t actually that something; it’s just a visual representation), so the only way to ‘truly’ experience something visually, is by seeing the thing itself.

In one frame is the real hourglass.
In one frame is a photograph of the real hourglass in the frame.
In one frame is a computer generated image of the photograph of the hourglass in the frame.

Was tricky getting the lighting/shadows correct ! Have fun guessing !

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Three Hourglasses


1 Howard | on 25 August 2011

this is a really cool concept, i’m into this sort of stuff.

i have no idea which is the real one because i am of course looking at a computer generated image of all three, so i’m gonna guess…

Left (real one)
Right (photo)
Middle (computer gen)

2 Tom John Rose | on 26 August 2011

Thanks alot, it looked spooky real when the frames were in situe ! And you’ve just proved that our perceptions of photography can be easily misled as you’re wrong haha !

Left (real one)
Middle (photograph)
Right (CGI)


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