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A poem inspired by a painting I once saw.

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A poem inspired by a painting I once saw.

Stumbling in on your Garden of Eden,
You, him – touching and embracing.
Your eyes; closed. Your face;
A vision of elation.
I realise I have lost you.
He was the apple…
And you gave into temptation.


1 Andy | on 07 November 2011

Brevity is underrated in poetry. Less is more in my opinion, and I think this is really simple and punchy. Every word feels like it’s been chosen with care and purpose. Really like it.

2 Hayley Buckle | on 08 November 2011

A really strong theme that works so well.

3 frannn. | on 09 November 2011

Thank you so much, both of you.

4 Daisy Jones | on 20 November 2011

I really love the idea of this poem… The theme running through it is really strong, and the imagery’s great. I love the simplicity of it.

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