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I Don’t Know What I Want

Ah, this poem is over 2 years old now..
reflects the complete confusion I felt at the time
and how I imagine most teens feel when their hormones decide to run the show..
I like bits of it; namely ‘quick pleasure kick’ and odd lines.

I have a thing with poems, I like mine to rhyme.

it also ended up sounding kind of like a song : /

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I Don’t Know What I Want

I want someone to hold me right,
And hold on tight.
I want them to take me places,
And ignore the other girl’s faces.
It’s just me they see.

I want someone to love and leave,
I don’t give, yet I receive.
I want them to treat me bad
So I won’t get attached,
So I won’t be sad,
When they go
‘Cause I’ll know
They were no good for me anyway.

I don’t know what I want,
So why don’t you tell me?
I don’t care what I get,
So why don’t you show me?
What I’m missing
What *am* I missing?

I want a perfect love,
The kind even those movie-stars dream of.
Complete with passionate kisses
Fake “I love you” s
And automatic “I love you too” s.

I want a one-night-stand,
I don’t want to know their name,
Or hold their hand.
I want a quick pleasure kick,
Then I’ll run away,
And regret it the next day.

I don’t know what I want,
Today, tomorrow or at all.
I’m not afraid to love,
I’m just afraid to fall.
So why don’t you show me something
Worth singing about?
Why don’t you show me something
Worth trying out?
Why don’t you show me something
Worth anything at all?


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