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Never a Hero - Trippin on Speed

Never a Hero’s latest music video for their next official single ‘Trippin on Speed’. The video sees the band odly competing in an Ironman Triathlong race, enjoy.

Filmed locally at Southwold

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1 Andy | on 02 November 2011

Crazy video guys. Good tune. And the mask theme is cool!

2 Summer Isle Studios | on 03 November 2011

Thanks Andy, glad you like it smile

3 Leah | on 09 November 2011

Rock, sweat and tears. I love the adrenaline and drama you’ve captured on this film.

4 Summer Isle Studios | on 09 November 2011

Thank you Leah, I think the sport theme goes well with the speed of the song, it was a bit of a gamble but it has worked well in the end smile

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